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What a great homage to an Atari 8-bit classic (what brought me here to check it out!)


Nice! Can you make the .p8 file available as well?

Sure thing. It's also on the PICO-8 bbs already if you want to grab it from there but I'll upload it here on the itch page.

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Thanks! That is useful for emulators... We're planning on adding Pico support to Argon later this year...

Very cool. I love how PICO-8 has found itself into the emulation universe and is becoming playable on many devices which support RetroArch. It fits right in!

We bring it to phones, tablets, TVs, chromebook and desktop. We pre-load games where developers have given us permission. So no searching for ROMS, cores, BIOS, controller settings, etc.  it is zero-config. Our goal its to bring retro gaming (and eventually Pico-8 as part of that) to a much wider audience!